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Abuja court demotes a Major General of the Nigerian Army for 3 years

by Mustapha Olamide
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A court in Abuja has punished the previous theater commander Operation Lafiya Dole, Major Gen. Olusegun Adenyi.

The court on Monday found Adenyi guilty of violating the rules for military social media and ordered a minimum decline in three years.

Ajanti Adenyi, Private Tokuntbo Obanla, who was sued by General, was also found guilty and sentenced to twenty-eight days in prison with diligence.

Both sentences are subject to confirmation by military authorities.

The source said Adenyi pleaded guilty ,to three counts of social media that violated the law, and damage to service property among other problems.

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The verdict came eight months after Adenyi’s video complained of some lack of military equipment to fight Boko Haram’s rebels within the northeast of the viral.

He also complained that guerrillas carried troops, noted that the failure of the intelligence was liable for the attacks by the rebels who claimed dozens of soldiers.

Shed by Wahyu, General Departments faraway from the front and also suspended by military authorities.

The Nigerian army then filed allegations of violations of the rules of military social media against him.

Adenyi denied any mistake, stating that he didn’t divulge the video, adding that his call was in custody Obanla at the time of the incident.

Obanla in her statement was thought to say to post videos on social media due to errors.

Adenyi’s lawyer has vowed to appeal.

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