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Photo of Eminem’s Letter to Late Tupac’s mother, Afeni, Surfaces Online

by Nwani Chisom
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According to Reports reaching Oyogist.com, a handwritten letter and a portrait of Late Tupac, which was crafted by Eminem and sent to Afeni Shakur, has surfaced on the Internet.

Oyogist.com saw that in the letter, Marshall(Eminem) praised Tupac’s mom for all of the work Tupac did while he was alive.

The letter Also accompanied a drawing of Late Tupac which Eminem apologized for its “sloppiness”.

The letter read thus:”Dear Afeni, Sorry if it looks a little sloppy. I could’ve done a little better if I had the right pencils. Instead I had to draw it in pen. Plus, I just kind of thought of the idea a little too late. But I’ve been drawing since I was 10, and I thought you might like it.

“Anyways, thank you for always being so kind to me. You are a true Queen, and I mean that in every sense of the word. I will never forget the opportunities you have given me.

“You will always be in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers. As I have said before, you have no idea how much your son and his music has inspired, not only the ‘hip hop’ world, but, speaking for myself, has inspired my whole career.” He was, and still is, the true definition of a soldier.

When I was feeling at my worst; (before fame, before Dre) I knew I could put that ‘Tupac’ tape in, and suddenly, things weren’t so bad. “He gave me the courage to stand up and say ‘F**k the world!’ ‘This is who I am! And if you don’t like it, go f**k yourself!’ Thank you for giving us his spirit, and yours! God Bless you! love, Marshall” It read.

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