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Pastor Chris reveals another hidden agenda planned by the government for 2021

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that during the usual communion service held by the Christ Embassy Church, the man of God Pastor Chris who has been consistently revealing all that the system of the world government has in stores for the people, spoke up on another evil agenda of the government against the people which he called the evil agenda.

And to many people’s utmost surprise, it seems like the man of God really had so many truths to reveal as he has been speaking up on a lots of things been planned by the governments from the beginning of this year’s covid 19 lockdown.

Recall that during the lockdown, there were news about him revealing how the Coronavirus wasn’t as huge as the government made it to look like.

He also stated that the government was using the virus as a means to impose too much fear into the people as to also carry out other hidden agendas like the trying to use a one world government system on the people which was fulfilling the scriptures about the end time.


And just as he disclosed, A few people and some health workers started giving more opinions about the Coronavirus saga which proved the man of God right as after a few months of fear and lockdown, other situations forced people out which people could tell for themselves that it wasn’t as really tough as the government made it look like.

And even when he spoke against the dangers of the 5G network installation which he stated was life threatening to the people’s health if allowed to take place (be installed).

Since then Pastor Chris has been revealing a lot which has been either surprising, offending or even an eye opener to a lot of people.

Hence the evil agenda as he called is another agenda where the government is trying to instigate another lockdown which might be more difficult than the first one. He explained how properties of the people might be forcefully claimed by the government if allowed. So the man of God has urged that everyone should pray against it because the government has a lot of evil planned.

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