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END SARS: Who ever ask you to open your phone is a criminal – William Uchemba

by Amadu Victor
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William Uchemba, a popular Nigerian movie star has joined other Nigerian to demand an end to one the police special operation team called, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). In one of his latest video which was aimed at his fans, where he advised them on what to do concerning the current situation on ground in the country with regards to SARS, oyogist.com reports.

Before now, a lot has been said about SARS, many has seriously and openly condemn the activity of SARS, and has mercilessly called on the federal government to end SARS operation across the country.

Even on Tweeter, many has joined voice with others with a hashtag #END SARS. Although it was reportedly said that the IG of police has given them order to suspend whatever activities for now.


Uchemba, also in his latest video advised his fans not to allow the intimidation from them anymore since their activities has been banned. “ I see no reason why someone will ask you to open your phone to the or to give them money, those criminal activities and it has nothing to do with them (SARS).”

Going further, he added that “stopping you on the way and demanding that you should open your phone or give them money, isn’t that obvious? Why would they asked that, is that part of their activities. If they do that show them that video or call people around to help you. For now, they have been banned by the IGP.”

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