Home sports “Chelsea team must take responsibility for their defensive woes”- Thiago Silva

“Chelsea team must take responsibility for their defensive woes”- Thiago Silva

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Thiago Silva has claimed all of Chelsea’s team must take responsibility for their defensive woes, not just Kepa Arrizabalaga.

The Blues goalkeeper has been under even more scrutiny after his huge mistake led to Liverpool scoring their second at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

However, Chelsea struggled throughout the 2019/20 campaign, conceding 54 Premier League goals.

The defence came under huge criticism over the season and Frank Lampard often chopped and changed his back line, without finding the perfect combination.

However, Thiago Silva, who is set to make his debut for the Blues in the Carabao Cup tonight against Barnsley, believes the whole team must take responsibility for the issues.

“It is always difficult when you are a big club because there are a lot of demands and all the players need to be aware of their responsibility in a Chelsea shirt. That is the way football is,” Silva said.

“When there is an error, mistakes are made or the season has not been that good, people always look to blame the defence.

“But in my opinion that is not always the fault of the defence.

“People single out the goalkeeper or the centre-backs, but the main responsibilities come from across the team, starting up front.

“People will point out these errors but I am not here single errors or this and that. What I am here to do is to help the team on the pitch and meet the expectations.

“I am the type of player who communicates a lot on the pitch and also is encouraging and motivating to those around me so that we can achieve great things at Chelsea.

“In my vision, a team needs a solid defence, but people confuse things and think that defending is just the centre-backs, but the defence is the entire team, which starts with the player at the very front.

“If we have a solid defence and given the individual quality we have across the team we will be successful. But there needs to be an understanding that it’s not just the case for the defenders.

“We will be playing the attackers in with a good attacking ball but similarly, they need to help out in defence with marking. We have a very intelligent coach in Frank Lampard and he has been working on situations, namely where we have been below par.

“Little by little, we will do great things for Chelsea.”

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