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A Twitter user and photographer narrates his ordeal with the SARS as #ENDSARS Trends on Twitter

by Mustapha Olamide
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A Twitter user with the username @_ad_noble narrates the bad experience he had with the Special Anti-Robbery Squard (SARS) as the tag #ENDSARS trends on twitter. He started by saying;

Sars are the real criminals!  .  I was on my way to work with my colleagues to shoot a music video…we noticed a camry car following us and we noticed they were all on black…we moves faster cause they were following us back to back and the car wasnt a numbered car.. 

few minutes later we noticed it was the police…we are not yahoo boys ..lets park…we parked and immediately dey got down dey cracked their gun and said if we move..we told them we were going to work they said which work…ok sir check our phones sir we are not who 

who you’re looking for…they said they dont need to check our phones that its either they killus or the take us to cell… i was still trying to defend my self..plus we had all our equipment bag with us…drones and all of

that…sir..this are our equipment we are going to work…our phones began to rig..sir they need us at work..the man slapped me …told me to keep quiet…lo and behold they took us to the police station at ekiti iworoko …i ran immediately to the

DPO there …sir…they are detaining us for no reason sir and I explained my self from the beginning to him….he just said “shey na sars,i no get say” it was there that i knew we are in big trouble…they were already removing handcuffs… #EndSARS

they told us to remove all our cloths and belts…immediately we looked like criminals…i went to meet the man that lead the squad and he legit told me “you no be criminal but if i put 2 bullet for your camera bag wetin you be? #EndSARS

You go tell me where you see bullets now” hearing this …i told my colleagues to just enter the cell …and they left….we were locked in ado ekiti- iworoko police station from 11am till 6:47pm in the evening…when they came back ..to transfer  #EndSARS

to transfer us to headquarters as criminals…we started begging and crying till dey collected all the cash on us…i was in a cell seeing shit…locked with criminals for being a youth in this f”cked up country…#EndSARS

Many other comments are made by twitter users who had also experience the same experience with the SARS.

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