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BBNaija: Nengi apologized to Ozo before eviction

by Jibson
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Of course, like every other fight they’ve had, these two have proven that their bond cannot be broken that easily, especially not over a piece of meat.

In the early hours of the morning, Nengi left the HoH Lounge and went to the main House to sit beside Ozo’s bed, waiting for him to wake up. Without much words said between them, we noticed that the feelings between these two might actually be mutual. “I’m sorry about yesterday, I hope I didn’t put you in trouble last night,” Nengi asked Ozo as he got up and summoned her to sit beside him on the bed.

Apparently, Biggie had called Ozo into the Diary Room after Nengi repeatedly asked him to leave the Head of House Lounge, hence her reason for asking if he didn’t get into trouble with Biggie last night. Ozo then explained that it was not a big deal and in a matter of seconds, they were caught holding hands and later, Nengi laid beside him and continued her morning slumber.

Furthermore, Nengi told Ozo that she’s disappointed in herself for getting angry at him. She decided to stop fighting with him over petty issues and admitted that the anger was not really about him being upset over meat. She explained that the energy from him has been different recently, seeing that he gets upset over little things and ignores her sometimes. “I don’t think the energy is different from my side, it’s still the same as always,” Ozo replied.

Are they lowkey in a relationship or these two just know how to tease us with constant couple vibes?

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