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#TWICEASTALL: All you need to know about Burn Boy’s new Album and full tracks

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Self-styled African Giant and one of Africa’s leading singer Burna Boy announced his latest Album titled “Twice As Tall” on Thursday, the 13th of August.

The new Album “Twice as Tall”, opens with “Level Up” featuring Youssou N’Dour, cementing Burna’s power when it comes to international collaboration, OYOGist posits.

“Twice as Tall” includes 15 tracks that are certain to become hits back to back, interesting that I have to say this *wink*.

Below are the tracks of the song:

Level Up (Twice As Tall) [Feat. Youssou N’Dour]: The opening track with Youssou N’Dour is an attempt at giving Burna Boy a stronger base across the rest of Africa with an artist that is respected in Senegal.

Alarm Clock: The African Giant is here making Africans realize that they have to wake up to their identity.

Speaking to Apple Music, Burna Boy said, “As I’ve said before, ‘We were all Africans before we were anything else,’ and this is the same message here for everyone to wake up and realise that and really know what it means to be aware of it.”

Way Too Big: Burna Boy basks in his achievement in featuring international acts on several of his acts, and affirms that he’s bringing his fans “the best of both worlds”

To that end, he calls Way Too Big a part of the process.

Bebo: This track is ascribed to a slang word to describe those forward guys, Burna Boy says. “He’s the kinda guy you’ll invite out and he’s ordering the bar,” Burna told Apple Music.

Listen to Bebo from Burna Boy’s Twice As Tall below:

Wonderful: The star of the show, “Wonderful” was released to so much acceptance months before “Twice As Tall” came out.

Speaking to Apple Music, Burna Boy said “I wrote it when I came back from my last tour, and it’s about being at home.”

Listen to Burna Boy’s “Wonderful” from his “Twice As Tall” Album below:

Onyeka (Baby): Here’s Burna Boy is paying respect to legendary Nigerian singer and activist, Onyeka Onwenu. Don’t be fooled, however, because “Onyeka (Baby)” is actually a love song.

Listen to “Onyeka Baby” by Burna Boy from the “Twice as Tall” album below:

Naughty by Nature (feat. Naughty by Nature): Burna Boy, nostalgic for the group he listened to growing up, says this collab with the band was an attempt to reach for the difficult.

“Growing up they were definitely one of my favorite groups and I literally grew up listening to these men, so it might sound crazy or impossible to have them on my album all this time later, but I sear to you: Nothing is really impossible.” – Burna Boy.

Listen to Burna Boy’s “Naught By Nature (feat. Naughty By Nature)” below:

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