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BBNaija: Love going sour for Neo and Vee.

by Jibson
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After breakfast had been served, Neo and Vee sat down in the living room and began a heart-to-heart conversation that threatened to end their ‘ship. During the chat, Vee made it clear that Neo is her be-all and end-all, but his constant jealousy isn’t warranted. Vee shared that she doesn’t have eyes for anyone else but Neo, but his constant clingy behaviour is making it hard for her. At first, Neo resisted her request for a little more freedom. He was so aggrieved by her wishes that he had to take a break from the conversation to sit with Eric and discuss the matter.


During his chat with Eric, there was a noticeable shift in Neo’s tone and understanding of what Vee was asking of him. After taking Eric’s advice about working out the dilemma, Neo went back to the living room to rehash and resolve the tryst with Vee. This time around, his tone was a lot more authoritative and less confrontational. Neo told Vee that she is lucky to have a man as dedicated and caring as he is. He conceded to give her the space she wants but the force he did it with might have been too much for our lovely lady from London to handle. 

They ended off the altercation by sharing an embrace and there is no telling if it marked the end of the issue or if it signalled that this was the last wave that caused their ‘ship to sink. The only way we will know is by doing what we have always done, and staying tuned to every moment of Big Brother Naija Lockdown.

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