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Joe Biden clinches Democratic nomination, to face-off with Trump

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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“Folks, tonight we secured the 1,991 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination,” Joe Biden tweeted on Saturday, the 6th of June to announce the huge milestone in his 2020 Presidential aspiration, OYOGist.com has gathered.

Joe Biden had secured 1,993 delegates and would head on to challenge President Trump for the President of the USA in November.

Mr Biden had challenged a host of other Democratic candidates to win the nomination of the party.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was among the earliest candidates to fall off the campaign after poor funding prevented her from moving forward. Elizabeth Warren ended her campaign on the 5th of March, 2020 by famously saying, “girls will have to wait 4 more years to see a female president.”

Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race on the 8th of April after Biden edged him out of the race by winning several points on Super Tuesday.

“Today I am suspending my campaign. But while the campaign ends, the struggle for justice continues on. Let us go forward together, the struggle continues, thank you all very much,” Bernie remarked as he ended his 2020 ambition.

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“I’m going to spend every day fighting to earn your vote so that, together, we can win the battle for the soul of this nation,” Mr Biden, former US Vice President, tweeted by 4 am on Saturday.

The murder of unarmed black man, George Floyd by a racist cop Derek Chauvin has seen many push for justice reforms and the rights of people of color in America.

Joe Biden has used this in his election campaigns to promote his candidacy for 2020 Presidency over Donald Trump – a President whose figure looms largely in all areas of the 2020 campaign.

To read the full speech written by Joe Biden on Medium, click this link.

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