Home Business “You Will Regret Paying Minimum wage to a Masters Degree Holder” – Akin Alabi

“You Will Regret Paying Minimum wage to a Masters Degree Holder” – Akin Alabi

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that Akin Alabi, member representing Egbeda/Ona Ara Federal constituency in the National assembly has advised employers of labour not to feel smart hiring beyond the pay or level they are offering, because they will regret it.

The former CEO of Nairabet said “If you have a vacancy for a secondary school certificate holder and a masters degree holder shows up, do not hire him or her. Hire the secondary school certificate holder. If you hire the masters degree holder, you will both regret it at the end of the day.”

The lawmaker said an employer who fills a low paying vacancy with a masters degree holder is a bad person who is taking advantage of people, except there is an increase in pay.

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

Mr. Alabi who classified an employer who tries to pay minimum wage to a masters degree holder as a “terrible person” went further to say the masters degree holder will only have temporary joy, when he settles into the low paying and low ranking job, dissatisfaction sets in. He would have superiors that are Bsc Holders, he will have school certificate holders as work mates, maybe some of them as superiors because they got there before him. He will begin to lament, he will say he is better than those earning more than he is, he will begin to spread his dissatisfaction around your organization.

Mr. Alabi who was the CEO of Nairabet before joining the National assembly has wealth of experience being an entrepreneur and understands the business world very well. He knows the danger of hiring incompetent people for critical positions. Little wonder his argument on the adverse effect of employing an over qualified person for a low paying job strikes really hard.

“Imagine having a masters degree holder for a low position for years. You now have a vacancy for a masters degree holder, you know you will be automatically tied to elevating him, even if he is incompetent,” Alabi said.

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