Home money HOT NOW! How to make easy money during this lockdown; and free $30 for first 200 readers

HOT NOW! How to make easy money during this lockdown; and free $30 for first 200 readers

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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The lockdown is beginning to hit hard on a lot of folks right now, and it has become clear that you won’t get a dime from the Nigerian Government’s audio palliative.

Instead of wait for only God knows when the lockdown would be lifted, why not take advantage of the millions of free dollars roaming the streets of the internet in freelancing jobs and opportunities referred to as the Gig Economy?

Having run several digital companies for over 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of making substantial amounts of money from the comfort of my home, so to be honest this lockdown is just another regular day for me.

But to help you, my dear friend and reader out, I’ll share a legitimate avenue to earn from the comfort of your home in a bit, and yes, I’m also giving out $30 in real cash to the first 200 people that sign up (thanks to PPH). That’s aside from the random giveaways you can participate in if you follow us on Twitter (@oyogist).

According to a 2018 MasterCard report (pdf), on the Gig Economy (also known as freelance work or work-from-home industry), the size of the Gig Economy is worth a whopping $204 billion USD in annual Gross Volume (GV) in 2018.

This means, the gig economy is nearly half the size of Nigeria’s gdp, and it does not discriminate.

To help you get a share of that, I’ll outline one platform that I’ve seen thousands of Indians and thousands more Nigerians earn comfortable dollars from. These guys go into Gtbank every weekend to withdraw dollars from their dom account. Hey, don’t hate them!


The Internet offers a plethora of ways to make money online, but they are often limited to freelance writing and publishing. Think of platforms like Elance, Upwork et cetera.

These platforms now have a competitor called PeoplePerHour, which offers a more accommodating requirement for accepting freelancers and offers several opportunities beyond writing.

I mean, you could be a graphic designer and earn jobs from PeoplePerHour, or a YouTube marketer or a Writer or anything that can be done from your computer.

To ensure you are able to receive the $30 I promised you earlier, you must sign up to PeoplePerHour using the following link: https://www.peopleperhour.com/site/referralaward?rfrd=2880526.1 (copy and paste it in your browser or click here, and you’ll see “Ayodeji has given you $30, then proceed to the next steps below).


To be eligible to earn and withdraw your money from PeoplePerHour (yes, including the free $30 I just gave you), you would be required to provide documents that identify that you’re a legitimate individual.

This includes your government-approved ID card (Drivers License, PVC or Permanent Voter’s Card, or your International Passport or National ID Card); a copy of your utility bill (that’s your PHCN or water bill that has your registered address on it.)

Once you have these documents, you’ll need to scan them or take a picture with your smartphone and upload it to PeoplePerHour.

See the illustration on how to do that below:

Once you see “Ayodeji has given you $30 to spend”, then proceed to click on “Get Your $30 Voucher”

You will be taken to the next page that asks if you would like to hire freelancers or work as a freelancer. Click on the most appropriate option that suits your need.

Once you’ve clicked on “I want to work as a freelancer”, then click on “Sign up with email” and provide your information in the available spaces provided.

Once you’ve completed your information and have signed-up, you will now be required to verify your email address.

Once you’ve verified your email address, then complete the next steps and you’re ready to start earning.


DISCLAIMER: I may earn a commission from clicking any links in this article.

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