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Fresh Controversy Erupts Between Gov. Ganduje And The New Emir Of Kano

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that a new controversy has emerged between Gov. Ganduje and the new Emir of Kano over “you received from me and yet you disappointed me” saga.

A source from the emirate council revealed that Nasiru Ado Bayero denied his appointment as Emir of Bichi on some controversial circumstances.

One of the reasons was that he(Nasiru Ado Bayero) gave some heavy amounts of money to the government and those to mastermind his appointment as Emir of Kano, not as emir of Bichi.

The source confirms that Nasiru Ado Bayero claims that he have all relevant proofs on the amount of money he paid to acquire (purchase) the throne of kano, where he even requested that he should be paid back his money or transfered his position to Kano emirate as emir of Kano, as sourced from Dabo FM.

Meanwhile, the source said that there is even the plan for the removal of some key senior officials of the emirate (Waziri Kano and District heads) by the new Kano Emirate.


It was known that before the demise of former Emir Ado Bayero, he made the appointment of Wazirin Kano(Nasir Muhd Nasir) that does not goes well with the government, and results to his removal.

On creation of the new emirates, and aftermath of the removal of some key officials of kano emirate by the emirate which includes Makaman Kano and Sarkin Dawaki mai tuta, it was gathered that the affected officials keep on frequenting the Kano emirate, and the dethroned emir Sanusi II keep on paying them their dues as they did not comply with the creation of the new emirates by the state government initially.

On this regard, the source said that Kano emirate will make new appointments of this senior officials position, as their seats are considered vacant by the state government.

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