Home Oyo State Adedibu Left N7,500,000.00. – Alhaja Abosede Yeyeluwa Of Ibadan Land

Adedibu Left N7,500,000.00. – Alhaja Abosede Yeyeluwa Of Ibadan Land

by Amadu Victor
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Alhaja Abosede Adedibu said: Adedibu Left N7,500,000.00. Contrary to what people think, Baba had no money, because if he has something he will spend it for everybody. He doesn’t keep money. When he died you will be surprised we only met N7,500,000.00 in his account.

He loves to spend new currencies, and that money was the money he asked his son to bring out and count few days before he died as if he knew he was going to die. He told his son to go and deposit the money in the bank, about N6,000,000. I am very sure that was the money we met in his account.


Yeyeluwa said: Twelve years after his death, I must confess that I miss him a lot. One thing I miss most, you know he was a fantastic husband, I can’t even mention, I missed him a lot, I miss him, I miss him, politically, fatherly, husbandly, friendly, so many things.

But today I thank God for everything, it cannot be the same, but God is there for me and my children. I was the youngest wife but I decided to remain in his home because he was too good to me, he was a fantastic husband.

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