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Kiki Mordi advocates for same-sex marriage, comes under fire

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Many Nigerians still remember Kiki Mordi, the BBC reporter that did an undercover documentary that exposed the culture of sexual abuse, harassment, and sexual violence that is prominent within most African universities.

On Friday 27th of December, Kiki Mordi went on Twitter to share her disappointment with what she described as “we’re already on the wrong side of history” for the legal status of homosexuality in Nigeria. Nigeria is among several African countries that criminalize homosexuality.


Posting on her Twitter account, the reporter wrote, “It’s almost 2020 & same sex marriage is still illegal in Nigeria.

“Like two people (of the same sex) can love themselves and want to build a family for themselves just like you & I but can’t because it’s illegal for them.

“A damn shame!” she wrote. “We’re already on the wrong side of history.”

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure at what they perceive as a statement that is insensitive to the prevalent norm in the country.

See some of the responses her tweet has generated below.


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