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Jackass actress Patty Perez dies at 57 after diabetes battle

by Meso Ejiofor
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Oyogist.com has learned that, Jackass actress Patty Perez has passed away at 57 after diabetes battle.

The American actress, famed for playing the role of Goddess Patty in the popular Jackass films, passed away on Friday at a hospital in Reno, Nevada, where she was being treated for complications related to her type 1 diabetes.

According to the actress’s daughter, Priscilla, her mother had been dealing with complications since birth. She said her kidneys began to fail as a result of the lifelong struggle she had with her health and weight.

Priscilla also confirmed that her mom’s death was not coronavirus-related.

“We want to express our immense gratitude for the love and kindness everyone has shown to our mom,” Priscilla said.

“Being able to entertain and bring light and happiness to people was the highlight of her life. She was so proud of the work she did in the film industry.”

Patty starred in Jackass 2 in 2006, as well as Jackass 2.5 in 2007. She rose to fame in the part of the movie where she made Wee Man – American stunt performer Jason Acuña – disappear.

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