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‘Buhari is going no where” – Tacha

by Nwani Chisom
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Popular reality star, Natacha ‘Tacha’ Akide has critized those Nigerians demanding that Buhair leaves office.

According to Tacha, Nigerians only complain without taking necessary actions when the need comes during elections.

She disclosed this on a Video on her Official Instagram page.

Tacha said;

”Nigerians forming woke but na we silly pass. #Buharimustgo is currently trending. You and I know Buhari is not going anywhere until he completes his tenure so what is the need really?

“There was a bye election in Abia state and out of 500,000 registered voters, only 16,000 came out to vote. That is like 3 people out of 100 people. It is as good as nothing.How do we keep complaining about bad governance and we do not want to get involved in governance.

” How do you get involved in governance? By seeing it as an obligation to use your voters card to vote.The voters card is not going to vote by itself. You need to use it. You need to use it. Buhari has nothingwith only 16, 000 people out of N500, 000 people going out to vote.That mindset of ours need to change. We want good governance, we need to vote in good governance.”

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