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Does anyone believe that Biden got 15 million more votes than Obama in 2012? Asked Eric Trump

by Mustapha Olamide
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Since the US election favoured Biden, President Trump has been consistently pushing unfounded theories of voter fraud, and suggesting that it’s actually him who won the presidency.

This has been disputed by basically everyone, including Twitter itself which keeps flagging the president’s tweets to let followers know that his claims are, essentially, false.

Not to be out-done, the president’s son Eric is in on the action too.

On Saturday he posted a tweet which appeared to suggest that the election result can’t be true because Biden won more votes than Obama did for his second term.

It’s curious because it seems to imply that Eric believes Obama to be a highly successful politician. Something we won’t dispute, but certain members of his family (especially those that pushed racist birther conspiracy theories) might.

For clarity, Biden did win more votes than Obama. In fact, he won more votes than the other president within the history folks elections.

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This success has been parsed and discussed endlessly , but essentially the 2020 election saw an enormous surge in vote from both parties, but it especially benefitted the Democrats. Biden’s consistent push for voters to use mail-in ballots thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic has been credited as a part of the rationale , while Trump actively told his supporters to not .

In addition, huge efforts from community organisers like Stacey Abrams saw record numbers of voters registering for the primary time. Black voters especially – perhaps more motivated than ever to vote following the renewed Black Lives Matter movement – played a neighborhood in Biden’s victory.

Still, as per the apparent Trump family ethos, Eric wasn’t close to let pesky facts get within the way of his political posturing on his dad’s behalf.

Presumably due to the wording, the tweet wasn’t flagged by Twitter. People are in fact liberal to speculate as long as they’re not specifically making false assertions.

However, the great people of Twitter did the diligence of remarking a really obvious reason for Biden’s success: his opponent.

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