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Facebook apologies for labelling #EndSars stories as false.

by Jibson
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Facebook has apologised for incorrectly labelling Instagram content supporting #EndSARS as false information.

Facebook said they have the mistake and stated that they had let down “their online community in such a time of need”.

The apology came after backlash from social media users on Instagram when they noticed that a warning screen had been added to images using the solidarity hashtag #EndSARS.

The false information warning over the image also directed users to an article about a separate misinformation claim.

Facebook third-party fact-checkers identify false information as altered content or content with missing context on Instagram.

In addition to the label warning, content flagged in this way is hidden from the ‘Explore’ options on the app, and are less visible on Instagram feeds.

“We are aware that Facebook’s automated systems were incorrectly flagging content in support of #EndSARS, and for this we are deeply sorry,” a Facebook company spokesperson said.

“This issue has since been resolved, and we apologise for letting down our community in such a time of need.”

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