Home Entertainment “You’re beginning to do too much”- Nengi told Ozo

“You’re beginning to do too much”- Nengi told Ozo

by Jibson
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It was another day in the Lockdown House with Nengi reminding Ozo of their friendship. “You’re beginning to do too much, and I don’t want to push you away every time,” Nengi said to Ozo as they shared a meal.

She expressed how she feels about him doing mushy things with her and insists that she doesn’t like it. “We’re not there,” she said. Ozo responded saying he thinks there are some things they can both get away with each other but not with other Housemates and although she agreed to that statement, she maintained her stance on them remaining just friends and keeping their friendship casual.

They both ended the conversation agreeing that they are tired of the daily relationship discussions between them and Nengi tells him that she didn’t come to the Lockdown game for relationships.

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