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BBNaija: Was Kiddwaya reign as HoH the best?

by Jibson
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Being the only Housemate to make the transition from Deputy Head of house to Head of house meant that Kiddwaya enjoyed two weeks in a leadership role, and had more time to appreciate the nuances of leading. His time in the big chair was anything but forgettable.

The Housemates enjoyed a lot of freedom with kiddwaya. There were moments like the Hawaii challenge that showed how a liberated group can perform optimally. The many moments of bliss that Erica and Kiddwaya enjoyed in the Head of House Lounge also showcased the caring side of his character.

A Diary Session revealed that the Housemates felt that when Kiddwaya told the entire House that he “didn’t care” about the Wager preparations, he may have overstepped. This move didn’t go down well with the Housemates. Kiddwaya did eventually apologize but the geng felt that the effect of his stance wasn’t positive. His tenure during Biggie’s absence also featured a Wager loss and the most strikes handed out in a single week this season so far.  

The impact of leadership methodology for the Head of House position has been seen to have a trickle-down effect on the Housemates performances and the general stability of their psyches.

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