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“I’m looking out for you”, Dorathy tells Ozo

by Amadu Victor
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Ozo became the first make head of house and chose Dorathy as his deputy. It is not a surprise that Ozo chose her but as the same time some people expected him to go for Nengi which was his second choice.

Dorathy and Ozo have had their share of back and forth because of Ozo indecisive nature and the fact that when Nengi offends him, Dorathy becomes his safe haven.


Neo decided to have a talk to Dorathy, advising her to be cool with Ozo after he chose her as his Deputy.

Dorathy spoke her mind insisting on Nengi playing games which she does not like and Ozo not knowing what he really wants which brought about their conversation in the Hoh room when they took their stuffs there.

She told Ozo that people thinks she has feelings for him which she doesn’t. She proceeded that at a point she and Nengi vibed and they have never spoken about him but she won’t allow Ozo to get hurt and as a friend, she is looking out for him and if she he wants him, she is in the game.

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