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BBNaija: “He doesn’t have a mind of his own”- Dorathy

by Jibson
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Obviously puzzled by the back and forth between Dorathy and Ozo, Lucy asked why there was still drama? Wondering why Ozo’s choice of selecting Dorathy was causing an unnecessary scene, she asked: “If he was worried like that, why did he now choose you?” To which Dorathy responded that Ozo didn’t have a mind of his own and was dependent on her to always be there to help him with decision making. Not impressed by Ozo’s antics, she warned Dorathy that she needed someone tough to be able to efficiently lead the Housemates.

Ozo’s Deputy HoH pick was bound to stir up a bit of drama no matter the Housemate he picked, so seeing him in this conundrum isn’t really surprising but what we are really on the lookout for his how well he will do as HoH with Dorathy and what consequences lie in the future for this choice he made.

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