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“You and your children won’t be safe in Biden’s America,” Trump Warns Americans

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that the embattled United States President, Donald Trump has decided to issue a warning to Americans. In recent days, President Trump has been speaking frequently just as the United States presidential election is approaching.

In a tweet he made this morning, he stated it clearly that Joe Biden is claiming to be patronising the safety of American kids by keeping schools closed all these while. Yet thesame Joe Biden decided to keep calm and choose to say nothing about children being slaughtered by violence on the streets of Democrats run cities.

Trump who ended his tweet by warning Americans and letting the to know that they and their won’t be if Biden eventually wins and become the United States President.


The full tweet made by Trump could be seen below here.


Recently, the United States President Donald Trump has been clamouring for the reopening of Schools and colleges of which his opponent Joe Biden is against. Trump stated that Biden’s intention was political and not for the good of American kids.

The United States presidential election is just around the corner and the two major candidates are doing all they could to win the hearts of the United States voters. Let’s keep our fingers crossed as events unfolds.

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