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Hezbollah Terrorist Threatens To Hit Israel With Precision Guided Missiles

by Amadu Victor
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The Lebanon based Shiites Islamic terrorist organization, Hezbollah has threathend to hit Israeli cities with precision guided missiles. In a 38 seconds shot video posted on its twitter handle @Sara_Haj early Sunday morning, the group leader Sayyed Nasrallah boasted that the terror group can hit any target in Israel including the occupied Palestine territory with their precision guided missiles by the will and help of Allah.

“Today, we can not only hit the city of Tel Aviv but also, if Allah wills it, and with his help, we can hit very precise targets within Tel Aviv.”

As the video comes to end, it displayed a Hebrew and Arabic inscriptions saying “Whatever you do to block the way, it’s already over and done with.”



Some reactions on Twitter praised the terrorist group saying that the Israel who used to scare them with their warplanes are now afraid of their video threats.

Recall that Hezbollah was formed in early 1980s with the collaboration of Iran in order to threaten and challenge the state of Israel.

Since then, they have been Iran’s most potent proxy in the region, wrecking havoc and wielding significant influence on the Lebanese politics.

In 2006, the Jewish State engaged Hezbollah in a full scale war that lasted for 34 days between July 12 to August 14 which left over 1,000 soldiers and civilians dead.

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Phoenix June 21, 2020 - 7:15 pm

These their threat doesn’t hold water. I trust Isreali defense.


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