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Carole Baskin wins in court, awarded Joe Exotic’s Animal Park

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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An American wild cat activist, Carole Baskin has just been awarded the ownership of the exotic zoo, Joe Exotic’s Animal Park as a reward for winning a case that was documented in Netflix’s Tiger King against her nemesis, Joe Exotic.

Carole Baskin, a critic of Joe Exotic’s animal park owns an animal sanctuary in Florida.


OYOGist.com recalls that Joe Exotic was sent to jail for hiring an assassin to plot the murder of Carole Baskin. He was sentenced to a 22-year jail term last year in a plot for murder.

According to court documents, Joe allegedly tried to pay an assassin $3,000 to kill Carole Baskin. It was also revealed that he shot and killed five tigers.

Joe Exotic of Tiger King

After a judge ruled in favor of Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue Corporation on Monday, Carole Baskin is now in full control of Joe Exotic’s Animal Park and the properties (which are several cabins and vehicles) within the 16-acre park.

The lawsuit was between Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue Corporation and Greater Wynnewood Development Group, LLC.

Carole Baskin is a wild cat activist who operates a animal shelter and rescue in Florida

Joe Exotic, whose real names are Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, owns and operates the 16-acre park in  Garvin County, Oklahoma. A lawsuit began after series of online campaigns by activist, Carole Baskin who complained that the animals on Joe Exotic’s were been abused.

Joe Exotic, in turn said Baskin was trying to ruin his business by running a smear campaign against him online.

Joe Exotic has been given 120 days to vacate the premises and evacuate all the animals on the land.

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