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Migizi Communication, 40-year-old Native org burned down in cop-fueled Minneapolis protest

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Migizi Community burned in Minneapolis riot

A 40-year-old youth organization known as the Migizi Communication in Minneapolis is one of the casualties of the Minneapolis protests that have led to week-long riots across the city, OYOGist.com has gathered.

The organization’s building housed the Native’s archives and historic materials including photos and other heritage materials.

Twitter user, Matt Remle, first shared the heartbreaking news along with a photo of the burning building after receiving reports that the Migizi Communication was burned in the protest.

Migizi Community burned in Minneapolis riot

“Heartbreaking to wake up to the news that Migizi Communication, a 40 year old Native youth organization, was burned in #MinneapolisRiot,” Remle wrote on Twitter, Friday, 29th of May.

“Reports from the org state that everything was [lost] archives, historic [material], photos. Preyers out to our relatives,” Matt said on Twitter.

The protest that followed the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd by racist white ex-cop Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis on the 25th of May after he knelt on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds has led to nearly a week-long of protests.

The protests started as a peaceful march, but soon escalated when rhetoric from the police and pentup anger due to systemic racism and police brutality against blacks in America pushed the protesters to start looting and destroying buildings.

Shops and complexes in Minneapolis, including Target were the first buildings to be set on fire by the protesters, and soon the Third Minneapolis Police Princint was set ablaze as well.

On Friday, reports started filtering in on social media and among community members that the fires, were in fact, being set up by the police who are set to blame the Black Lives Matter community for violence.

Trump on Thursday, sent out threatening tweets, vowing to start shooting unarmed black protesters when he tweeted at his 80 million followers that “when looting starts shooting starts,” and he was going to send in the National Guard soldiers to Minneapolis.

Twitter later flagged the tweet for “glorifying violence.”


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