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Ethiopia Admits Shooting Down Kenyan Cargo Plane With Covid-19 Supplies

by Amadu Victor
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Plane belonging to the African Express Airways was on Monday shot down resulting to loss of five lives on board, three Kenyan and two Somali nationals. The private cargo plane was shot down in Berdale town, Somalia. The tragic incident could not be explained as to why, who or what were the reasons to downing the plane.

OYOGist.com has reportedly learned that the plane was brought down by Ethiopian troops. A letter to the African Union (AU) by Ethiopian Army has the troop admit to have shot the plane due to lack of proper communication and suspicion.

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

In the letter, Sector III Force Commander of the Amisom in defence of the troop, says it was lack of proper communication with the ground troop and failure by the aircraft to follow due protocols in an attempt to get down on the the base that raised suspicion from the soldiers.

Additionally, the statement has it that the aircraft portrayed indistinctive signs as it flew over the base which the soldiers interpreted to be a suicide plane with aim of finding its target in the base camp. The plane was from Mogadishu, Somalia to Berdale town with supplies for the corona virus pandemic.

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