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Scientists discover Belgium Llama with coronavirus antibodies – could this be the cure?

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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As the world is battered by the novel coronavirus that has turned much of our entire lives upside down, scientists have made a new discovery that could help the world.

OYOGist.com has come across reports that revealed that scientists have discovered an animal with antibodies that have proven to kill the COVID-19 disease.

A 4-year-old Llama that lives in Belgium was discovered to have antibodies that neutralized the coronavirus infection, and now scientists are hoping that the antibodies from this kind of animal could be injected in humans to help build immunity against COVID-19.

A llama – picture from Pixabay (CreativeCommons license)

The scientists are banking on injecting the humans that are yet to contact the virus with the antibodies of the animal, and help create a form of preventive vaccine for humans against coronavirus.

The particular animal that revealed this shocking new discovery is one from Belgium, named Winter.

This discovery was made while researchers from the University of Texas, Austin, the National Institutes of Health and Ghent University in Belgium started conducting studies on Llama blood in 2016 to come up with antibodies to fight the 2003 SARS virus and the 2012 MERS virus, both strains of coronavirus.

According to the report, animals within close species as camel such as the llamas, alpacas all produce two types of antibodies that detect bactaria and viruses. One is the exact type of antibodies humans produce while the other, a smaller antibodies is known as nanobodies.

Scientists can easily work with the nanobodies to create vaccines that could one day help save humans from the COVID-19 we’re now experiencing today.

Let’s hope the solution to the novel coronavirus is discovered soon and our lives return to normal.


Featured image from Pixabay (CC license)

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