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Elizabeth Warren ends US Presidential aspirations

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Democratic Senator, Ms Elizabeth Warren, has on Thursday 5th, 2020, decided to end her bid for the office of the US President after poor Super Tuesday results.

The 70-year-old Massachusetts Senator who is beloved by the liberal left once led the Democratic field.

However, poor performance from the Super Tuesday results and repeated beating from her male colleagues during the Democratic debates led to her decision to step down from the race.

Elizabeth Warren, while delivering a speech at the end of her campaign said, “little girls will have to wait four more years for a woman president.”

The Senator is yet to decide whom among her fellow Democratic candidates to support after ending her bid.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the leading figures in the Democratic field, with both tugging at it on the Democratic Presidential ticket.

A Wednesday poll showed Bernie Sanders leading with 1,004,791 votes (33.6%) as Joe Biden trailed behind him with 743,945 votes (24.3%). This figure is not the latest poll.

In 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic Presidential ticket to former State Secretary, Hillary Clinton.

Joe Biden, former US Vice President under former President Obama, is running for the office of the US President for the first time since being Obama’s running mate in both 2008 and 2012.

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