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Boxer bitterly laments lack of support from govt, vows to abandon Nigeria

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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A Nigerian boxing champion, Taiwo Agbaje, has come out to lament the lack of support the boxing sports athletes experience from the Nigerian government.

Taiwo Agbaje Esepo, renowned for his prowess in the ring and his ability to take down his opponent quickly in a few punches, bitterly lamented over the frustration he and several of his colleagues are experiencing as a result of the lack of funding from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

In the 3-minutes long video, Agbaje said the leaders are nonchalant about the welfare of sportsmen, with many of the athletes working under poor conditions that lead to ill-health due to lack of proper kits and equipment.

In the video, he threatened to abandon Nigeria for another country the moment he gets the opportunity. He also vowed to defeat any Nigerian boxer that is brought against him in the ring when he abandons Nigeria because he trains most of them.

Further complaining about the living condition in the country, Abaje said he is no longer able to earn an income from the tricycles that he won from GOTv after the okade-keke ban took effect in Lagos.

He said the SARS harassment also worsens his situation and vows to deal blows to any SARS Policeman that stops him on the road.

Watch the video below.


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