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Community In Imo Launches Anti-Cultism Campaign

by Amadu Victor
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After a persistent cult war between members of Supreme Vikings Confraternity and Black Axe Confraternity has resulted in loss of lives and sustaining of injuries to the youths and residents of Orji Community in Imo State, members of the community embarked on a peaceful protest in their community in Owerri Imo State Capital today.

The youths of Orji Autonomous community had unanimously agreed to shun cultism and its activities after a recent fracas between the two fraternity in the community which raised a heavy pandemonium and increased insecurity and tension to residents of Orji claimed more lives in the community.


We have resolved to invite the ANTI CULT SQUAD into Orji in collaboration with the youths associations in orji to curb the menace and banditry of various cult groups.” Reads the circular for the peace protest that is being passed around, and pasted on walls on the streets of Orji.

“We’re saying No To: Cult gathering , Cult group hand shake, Cult group activities ,Cult group slangs, Cult group slogan. Anyone found in these activities both indigenes and non-indigenes shall face the full wrath of the law with a petition from the community.” The youth leaders reiterated on their circular for the protest.”

The location of the gatheringfor the protest which took place today is Orji Flyover and the dress code mandatory for the youths to participate is black and black. As early as 7am today Orji youths gathered from different vicinity in the Orji community.

All shops, stores and businesses in the Orji Area of Imo State was advised to remain closed within the period of the protest, which failure to adhere to the instruction will attract dire consequences from the youth, which they complied to in support of the decisive action of the community youths to raise awareness of their non tolerance status for cultism and its related activity in their area of the town.

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