Row as Interns lament lack of salary payment at UCH Ibadan

Row as Interns lament lack of salary payment at UCH Ibadan has learnt that various interim workers at the University college Hospital in Ibadan, Oyo State has cried out over non payment of their salary.

According to an intern who took to her Twitter page to narrate her ordeal, the last time she got paid her salary was 4 months ago as she Futher noted that the union bodies are less concerned regarding the issue as they are being paid their salaries till date.

Another user, who Identified herself as a nurse intern at the college Hospital narrated how she shows up at work and attends to patients 5/7 days of the week but no pay at month’s end.

An intern with handle @SamdGreat disclosed how he decided not to go to work due to “Lack of transport fare” owing to the delay in payment.

He wrote;

“I once decided not to go to work while in Ibadan because our salary was delayed and the reason I gave for my absence was “lack of money for tranport fare”

After the questioning when I showed up, the older staffs gave the advice “what you’ll do in such situation is to borrow” “I still protested that idea in my mind.

“I was ready to be fired if it actually came to that. Let’s say that’s what frustration can do I salute all workers in Nigeria who still show up at work even when they’ve not been paid salary for monthsI don’t have such strength. Not yet.

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