Nigerians fear doom as Buhari-admin declares Banditry and Kidnapping non-Federal offense in Nigeria

Nigerians fear doom as Buhari-admin declares Banditry and Kidnapping non-Federal offense in Nigeria

The Nigerian Government has insisted that kidnapping and banditry are not to be classified federal offences in the country,Oyogist.com reports.

Minister for information, Lai Mohammed Disclosed this in a statement while responding to backlash from the PDP.

He said;

“It is shocking that a party that ruled this nation for all of 16 years does not know that kidnapping and banditry are not federal offences”, he said.

The minister told the party to call out the states, including those being controlled by it, to ensure a rigorous prosecution of arrested kidnappers and bandits.

Lai Mohammed further made reference to a Town Hall Meetings which was held Earlier in Kaduna, Futher listing the following recommendations;The minister recalled that the participants agreed:

“That the governance of human society should be based on Law rather than the whims and caprices of human beings and must be obeyed by all as all persons are equal before the law including the lawgivers;

“That there is an urgent need for political restructuring and not separation; That the Judiciary be decentralized and reformed through Constitutional Amendment to remove the unitary control of the Superior Courts.

“That governments at all levels should ensure free, qualitative and compulsory Primary Education for all children of school age;“That the Military, Police and other Security Agencies be expanded in number, retrained, provided with modern equipment and technology to cope with emerging security challenges;

“That both religious and traditional leaders encourage and promote inter-marriages for unity as contained in the 1999 Constitution as amended, Article 15, 3(c) which prescribes inter-marriage among persons from different places of origin, or of different religious, ethnic or linguistic association or ties.

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