Crossdresser James Brown accuses Bobrisky of threatening his life [Video]

Nigerian Crossdresser Bobrisky and James Brown on the heat on one another after James Brown allege to have receive threats from Bobrisky.

James Brown had called out that, Bobrisky despite the fact that has blocked him on all social media platforms, still sends him a threat.

In a post, he said

For once in my life I even have never dragged a positionwith nobody I even have always been Jamesbrown they didn’t caught me that everybody know since day one,

So if you’ve got any problem with the content i’m putting out for the brands i’m working for I don’t give a haut. That’s some period.

You already blocked me everywhere for months now on every platform , so why the treat i’m just a realistic person and having on my platform

James Brown has sent warning that, he’s not in competition with anyone and he’s not fighting with anyone in position.

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