BBNaija: Ladies gist between ka3na,Lucy and Dorathy.

BBNaija: Lucy become the Head of House.

We all know that when the ladies of the house get together, details are the order of the day! This afternoon we got to see Ka3na, Lucy and Dorathy spilling all the tea, no one was spared. 

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Besides hearing that Lucy came into the house with no strategy, we learnt Lucy’s feelings about the kiss that was not between her and Prince.

Straight after that Ka3na, today’s queen of the gist, came through with the hot tea. Apparently, Neo is here to make money, but not grand prize money, the young man has his sights set on the women with money outside the house. While in the house, he wants to show the ladies exactly how much of a loverboy he is. The ladies concluded that he is using Vee to perfect his brand.

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Lucy told the ladies that there is no way that she will forgive anyone outside the house for things that they have done to her in the house. She is not that forgiving. We will wait to see.

Immediately after that, our gist queen came through with yet another cup of the hot beverage we look forward to daily. 

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According to Ka3na, she had a conversation with Lilo yesterday reminding her about the relationship she has. She told Lilo that letting Eric pick her up openly and fondling her in public was inappropriate in her opinion and she needs to contain herself small small. According to Ka3na, Lilo confirmed that she is unable to control herself around her Big Brother beau, Eric. The ladies praised Lilo for her domestic skills: she can cook, she can clean, she is mature, but the trio are worried that she has trust issues and does not want Eric out of her sight.

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