They want to use Joe Biden to achieve their agenda – Trump warns

They want to use Joe Biden to achieve their agenda - Trump warns has learned that the United States President, Donald Trump has once again spoken to Americans and the world at large stating the main agenda of the radical left to the world. Trump is one President that has been under intense criticism in recent days, but nevertheless, he has debunked all those criticisms.

Based on a tweet he made this afternoon, he made American and the world at large to be aware of what is about to happen if Joe Biden eventually wins and becomes the United States President.

He made it clear that the former Vice President and the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Joe Biden is like a Trojan Horse through which the Radical Left wish to use and accomplish their agenda.

He further stated that Joe Biden will be willing to do whatever they want him to do, because they are the one that made him to be there.

In three months time, the most powerful country in the world will elect the person that will be in charge of the country for the next four years.

The upcoming election is going to be a tightly contested one because it’s going to be between the incumbent President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

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