BBNaija: “You can’t boss me around” Tochi tells Lucy.

BBNaija: Lucy become the Head of House.
BBNaija: "You can't boss me around" Tochi tells Lucy.

After a turbulent start to the week and Lucy’s reign as HoH, there was a bit cohesion in the House this morning as each Housemate carried out their respective cleaning duties, but this wasn’t after Lucy had an altercation with Tochi about his role in cleaning the House this morning.

Tochi doesn’t like being bossed around and he made his feelings known to the HoH after she pointed out where he was supposed to do during the morning cleaning exercise. “I don’t want you to tell me what to do… you can’t boss me around,” he said.  To which Lucy responded, “do you realize I am the Head of the House and I can tell you where to clean?” An upset Tochi insisted he was going to do it his way and won’t be told what to do. “…Nobody should tell you what to do, but you don’t know what to do and you still don’t want to be told what to do,” Lucy responded. She believed there was more to Tochi’s behaviour that morning and went ahead to ask him exactly what his problem was.

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