Don’t bury Ajimobi inside Mosque, it’s forbidden in Islam, says Islamic Cleric

Don't bury Ajimobi inside Mosque, it's forbidden in Islam, says Islamic Cleric

Prior to the burial of the late former governor of Oyo State, Senator. Ajimobi, who is to be buried on 28th of June which is tomorrow, in Senator Ishaq Abiola Ajimobi central Mosque, oke-Ado Ibadan by 12noon. The Muslim brothers however have shown a sign of dissatisfaction about the plan of burying the deceased former governor inside a mosque.

The idea of taking up the plan has been questioned. Many of the Muslims paraphrased such act a way of levelling the deceased with the Allah, as him alone is worthy of being in the mosque. Many other Islamic clerics displayed sense of disapproval concerning the matter.

A renowned Islamic Cleric, Ustadh Ibrahim Tijaani said the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) forbade the burying of people in the mosque and building mosque over graves; The prophet also cursed those who do that. He said these things when he was about to die and left a stern warning for his um may.

The cleric said the prophet addressed such pragmatic action as of the Jewish and Christians. Therefore, as Islam is concen, building mosque over graves and burying dead in the mosque leads to associating the deceased occupants of these graves in worship with Allah.

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