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January 2nd, 2020, Millions of Nigerians will no longer have access to their bank account

The reason being that the Finance Bill currently passed by the Nation Assemble has amended sections 33, 49 &58 OF the personal Income Tax Act.

Nigerians need to keep taps on the implications of the Finance Bill on the different sectors the play, individual are required to produce their Tax Identification Number{TIN] before anyone in Nigeria can operate his/ her bank account

What’s this simply means is that, once you can’t get your Tax Identification Number {TIN} you won’t be able to access your bank account.

Also, there are no age limits in having TIN as a teenager to pay Tax as long as he/she has a source of income.

If you haven’t gotten your TIN, it’s actually not too late for you to get it. Kindly go to this site below.

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